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About Timothy Jackson

Timothy Jackson is a real estate professional that serves his clients with integrity and care. If you choose Timothy, you are engaging with a great marketer and negotiator that will exceed your expectations as a real estate broker.

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Reasons why baby boomers are selling their real estate

Some of you bought real estate investment property in hopes of gaining more financial freedom but later you felt like your property owned you. Then the stress of tenants, toilets, and taxes started

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5 Ways to Sell Your House In Illinois

Selling a house, while staying in Illinois is never easy. But we have come to your rescue. Dealing with real estate matters and selling a house of someone who is deceased in Illinois is a piece of

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Selling real estate acquired during a marriage before or after a divorce

In college, I had a course in Latin, and one day the word 'divorce' came up. I always figured it came from some root that meant 'divide.' In truth, it comes from 'divertere,' which means 'to.'

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